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  • Face and Places - Downtown Doha
    Face and Place...
    People and streets...
    By Torsten Spiller
    Photo book
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    Torsten Spiller

    Torsten Spiller – a German currently living and working in Doha, Qatar.

    In my free time I’m addicted to creativity by photography, design, mechanics and music. 

    Photography Articles and Awards

    2013: Gold medal at the Al Thani Award for Photography.

    2014: Article in the Rhein Zeitung

    2015: FIAP Gold medal and 1st price digital submissions at the Al Thani Award for Photography.

    2016: Photo article at the Leica Camera Blog 

    If you are interrested in my work, you can order photos here or contact me by mail torsten<at>caaner<.>de or through Facebook.


    Torsten Spiller, P.O. Box 21238, Doha, Qatar

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