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DSQ-1 WHITE Edition and WHITE Knobs Mod for Korg SQ-1

Korg SQ-1 Eurorack Frame with white knobs mod(Last Updated On: 07/12/2018)

The DSQ-1 Eurorack mounting frame with white lettering and white 18 KNOBS upgrade. The new knobs are bigger than the original knobs and made out of white PLA. Due to the increased size and improved profile, they provide a better handling than the small original knobs. The center of the knobs is hollow which allows the red light of the step sequencer to shine through.

The set of 18 knobs with or without the DSQ-1 mounting frame can be ordered via below PayPal links.

Korg SQ-1 Eurorack Frame with white knobs mod
DSQ-1 WHITE – Korg SQ-1 Eurorack Frame with white knobs mod
Korg SQ-1 Knob Mod
Korg SQ-1 Angled USB cable

For the assembly of the mounting frame, the removal of the back of the original SQ-1 sequencer case is required.

Easy assembly

  1. Remove the batteries
  2. Loosen the thin plastic film on one side which is holding the battery holder in place
  3. Unscrew the 4 front screws
  4. Remove the back and pull the battery holder through the back, that the back can be put aside
  5. Slide the mounting frame in 
  6. Use the 4 screws from the front to fix the mounting frame

Powering the SQ-1 can either be done by batteries or via USB with an angled USB cable or the USB power converter.

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