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    My DAWless Synthesizer Setup

    Synthesizer Setup

    Beside my photography hobby, I recently re-discovered my passion of electronic music making. Last year I had the crazy idea to buy a Teenage Engineering OP-1 which is really a fantastic and powerful little workstation. Considering that my last contact with electronic music instruments was when the Korg Trinity hit the market (1995), the progress in synthesiser technology was amazing. So much power in such a small case. However, although I really enjoyed playing with this little gem, I finally sold it since I decided to go “old style” and to look deeper into classic and analogue gear. Same like in photography, while the new technology is providing more comfort and possibilities, there is something special to have the direct impact on the outcome via physical…

    A Grip for the ARAX (Kiev) 60

    The ARAX 60 Grip

      The much I love my chunky loud ARAX 60, I always missed a better handling of the camera. Since I’m a big guy with big hands, the side of the camera is a bit thin to provide a secure hold. With getting a 3D printer, the idea of a grip for my ARAX was always in my mind. Finally I started the project which turned to be out more difficult than expected because of my rookie skills in CAD, the small tolerances and the required stability of the grip. In addition the shape of the camera is not so rectangular as it looks. But after several weeks and a lot of trial prints later I did it. The ARAX grip came alive. After covering the…

    (SOLD) A wooden classic 3×4 Graflex camera for Fuji INSTAX wide film

    After a long time I found finally the time to updated my blog and write some new articles about my past projects and photo journeys. First story is about my crazy GrafINSTAX project, the conversion of an old Graflex 3×4 camera into an instant camera accepting Fujifilm INSTAX wide film which I finished in September last year. Further articles will cover my Monster Graflex project, a 4×5 Graflex for and with the famous Kodak Aero-Ektar, a 3-D printed grip for the ARAX 60 and my trip to Beijing in China. I also want to share my recently rediscovered passion for home synthesiser jam sessions and my opinion about the gear I purchased for it. But let’s get started with the crazy project – The GrafINSTAX

    Hackintosh – Brix Pro GB-BXi7-4770R

    Brix Pro

    Since I did spent more and more time waiting for my computer in particular Lightroom to finish processes and beachballs appeared more and more on a daily basis, I decided to upgrade my hardware. I usually don’t buy the latest Macs since you can always find great deals on the used market. However, after some research in the internet I decided to go for the alternative way – the so called hackintosh.

    Kodi on the Raspberry

    Kodi is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Just recently I purchased a raspberry to use it as a media server. I was searching for something small to install KODI on it, original developed for the xbox as XBMC – Xbox Media Center. Since I couldn’t get any further updates of KODI for my old MacMini it was time for a change.

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