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    Pre-Order / Register: Classic Case for Behringer Model-D and Arturia Keystep (last update: 04.06.2018)

    Behringer Model-D Case
    (Last Updated On: 04/06/2018)

    The first 10 Behringer Model-D cases will be manufactured in July 2018. Shipping end of July / beginning of August. Cases can be already pre-ordered for 279 $ + 79 $ shipping.

    A beautiful hand crafted wooden housing made out of high quality Multiplex for Arturia KeyStep and Behringer Model D.  The design is leaned towards the original Minimoog Model-D but in a much smaller shape. Like the original, the housing of the synthesizer- and eurorack modules can be fold down.

    Being able to house the Behringer Model-D, the Arturia KeyStep and additional Eurorack modules, it provides great space for creativity.

    Behringer Model-D

    The Minimoog Model-D is unquestionable one of the most important and interesting synthesizers in the history. Back in the days, the Model-D together with the Arp Odyssee have made Electronic Music affordable and mobile. While the built quality of the Minimoog is terrific, Behringer was able to improve the affordability and the mobility with its Model-D synthesizer without impact on the sound quality. In fact, the Behringer Model-D sounds fantastic.

    Having such a great synthesizer, many musicians miss the one-unit concept of the original Minimoog. After an extensive research of available Midikeyboards, the Arturia KeyStep turned out to be one of the best alternatives combined with the Behringer Model-D.

    Arturia Keystep

    There are a lot of Midi-keyboards currently on the market. Therefore it should be an easy task to find one which suits perfectly with the Model-D. Well, after a short time it turned out that there are only a view Keyboards on the market which where worth to take a closer look.

    1. Not to big 

    Since the Behringer Model-D is a small synthesizer module, the Keyboard shouldn’t be to big to keep the small form factor.

    2. Not to small

    The Keyboard should have a decent size for good playability.

    3. Good Keys

    No mini keys or slim keys since they are not as convenient to play as standard keyboard keys. The keys shall have a good play feeling.

    4. Modulation and Pitchwheel

    Same as the original, the Keyboard shall have some sort of modulation and pitch wheel.

    5. Midi out

    Midi out to ensure it works together with the Behringer Model-D

    Considering all above points, the selection of available Midi-keyboards got really narrow and ended up in the Arturia Keystep. The features of the Keystep are amazing and the Keyboard, although not normal sized keys, is more than acceptable. The additional benefits of having a step-sequencer, arpeggiator and CV in and outs made the final decision.

    …but back to the case

    The case itself is 100% handcrafted and will be shipped from Qatar. The high quality birch multiplex (multi layer plywood) panels are produced in Germany. The case is made out of plywood because it’s lighter and at the same time stronger in all directions than solid wood. The tilting upper part is connected via a piano hinge with the lower part of the case.  The Eurorack aluminium profile rails are Made in Germany. The plastic parts like feet, front plates, rear connector panel and angle adjustment mechanism are made out of PLA with a 3D printer.


    The final version will have following upgrades:

    1. The Eurorack case will have slimmer side walls which will give 24mm more space for Eurorack Modules
    2. The side panels will be higher to give more space for cables underneath.
    3. The Eurorack will be 1 cm deeper.
    4. Depending on the results of a trial coating: The surface of the Multiplex panels might be coated with hard oil wax instead of wood stain. 
    5. The Eurorack case can be optional expanded with another Eurorack case on the top for further Synthesizer like the Behringer Neutron, another Behringer Model-D or other Eurorack moduls.
    6. Update 15.05.2018: Case now optional with “BooG” logo
    7. The current 3D printed plastic beams for tilting the Eurorack will be made out of wood and directly fitted to the side panels. Update 15.05.2018: New improved thicker 3D printed beams with new rounded profile give greater stability

    Update 20.05.2018: The first order of pre-cut Eurorack aluminium profile rails has arrived.

    Eurorack Rails

    Aluminium Eurorack Profile Rails

    Update 21.05.2018: The connection panel, the tilting mechanism and feed have been finalised. 

    Connection panel

    Connection panel


    Tilting mechanism

    Tilting mechanism


    In July 2018 the production of the first 10 cases will start. Shipping end of July / beginning of August. Cases can be already pre-ordered for 279 $ + 79 $ shipping from Qatar.


    The shipment contains only the pre-assembled case with 3D printed PLA parts and aluminium profile rails. Keystep, Behringer Model-D and Cables as well as any power supply for additional modules are not included! For proper installation and connection between Arturia Keystep and Behringer Model-D, Midi cables with flat jacks are required (see links below)

    or register via below form that I can inform you when the first cases are ready for shipping. 

    I'm interested to buy one. Please let me know when it can be ordered


    After the shipment of pre-ordered cases, offers to buy will be sent out as per below order:

    1. Mark R.
    2. Jason
    3. James P.
    4. Leor D.
    5. Stephan S.
    6. Teddy
    7. Ben
    8. Michael L.
    9. Massimo F.
    10. Dylan G.
    11. Patrick
    12. Phil W.
    13. Jason M
    14. Josh C.


    Required Midi cables

    50 cm to connect the Behringer Model D MIDI IN with the Arturia Keystep MIDI OUT


    300 cm to connect the Arturia Keystep MIDI IN to other Hardware MIDI OUT



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